Water Supply Project

The Water Supply Project, under the Mongolia Water Compact, is designed to address the problem of limited long-term sustainable supplies of water for Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. The Project comprises three closely related investment activities and is must be implemented within a five-year period in accordance with the MCC rules.

Downstream Wells Activity

Downstream Wells Activity will provide opportunity to exploit downstream wellfields is the most efficient option to increase bulk water supply without affecting the environment for the long term and supply from the groundwater sources in sustainable manner.

Wastewater Recycling Activity

Wastewater Recycling Activity will support the construction of a recycling plant to further treat some of the effluent from the city’s central wastewater treatment plant, along with pipelines, storage tanks, and control systems to deliver this recycled wastewater to the combined heating and power plants, the city’s largest consumers of water.

Water Sector Sustainability Activity

The “Water Sector Sustainability Activity” is intended to ensure that the projects implemented under the Millennium Challenge Mongolia Water Compact have lasting benefits and support the long-term sustainability of Ulaanbaatar city’s water and wastewater system.